“Polynesian Voyagers Exhibit Opening” at Mariner’s Museum

To celebrate the opening of the new exhibition “Polynesian Voyagers”, the Mariners Museum will be offering $5 admission to all guests on Saturday, October 1st. There will be an Opening Celebration for a new exhibit that will feature food and cultural performances from Polynesian and Virginia performers.

A panel discussion will be held with a speakers and representatives with a variety of different backgrounds. The will discuss Polynesian culture and navigation. Members of the Polynesian Voyaging Society will be present along with other special guests.

The exhibition will run through June 2017 and will feature the time-honored navigational skills of Polynesian explorers who depending on their knowledge of waves, winds, and stars instead of using modern instruments.

While at the Museum, you can enjoy one of the 3D Movies, a self-guided scavenger hunt, and the Museum Quest iPad Game. Find out about these activities and more by visiting http://www.marinersmuseum.org/.