“Opening Night” at Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway is back with a bang! Join local race enthusiasts April 1st for the ‘Rebirth of Langley Speedway, Opening Night’. The city is excited to bring back a locals favorite that will not only draw a fun crowd, but provide revenue for the city of Hampton through lodging, restaurants, and shopping from visiting race- enthusiasts.

Langley Speedway has been a local racing fixture since the 1940’s when it was an oval track used for thoroughbred horse racing. It was later shortened and dedicated only to car racing in 1963. The careers of many race greats were ignited at Langley Speedway.

The speedway does offer concession stands with the ever-popular french fries with shredded BBQ and cheese on top. Coolers are welcomed, no glass bottles are allowed.

Opening night is Saturday, April 1st at 7pm.

For detailed info, including a full schedule of events, visit langley-speedway.com.