“The History of the Grog” at Mariner’s Museum

Saturday, November 19th, The Mariners Museum is pleased to present an awesome event to explore the history of grog in the U.S. Navy. Food historian Eric Jeanneret will be onsite Saturday to delve into the tradition of the grog ration; the transition from rum-to-whiskey based grog in the early 19th Century.

A ‘grog event’ wouldn’t be complete without the real thing! Enjoy tastings from the Williamsburg Distillery and Ironclad Distillery to decide what makes the best base for grog, whiskey or rum. Mixoligist Robert Gregory from Fin will be carefully crafting these cocktails. Admission is free and open to the public, $5 to participate in tasting. This event is family-friendly but the grog tasting is restricted to those 21 and over.

For more info, visit marinersmuseum.org.